The workshop is an area of the site which details projects in the pipeline or currently in development. It acts as a transparent roadmap through which I aim to improve the site and the services offered. I’m always after your feedback, so look out for surveys. Here are some things in the pipeline, along with their status.

User experience redesign – in progress

You will notice that some parts of the site while sharing a feel, do vary in appearance. Over the coming weeks, I’m rolling out the new white and grey design across the site. The following areas have been identified:

  • Home page (todo)
  • Content pages (done)
  • Post pages (done)
  • Locations section (done)
  • Individual location (in progress)
  • AMP pages (todo)

Digital assistant integration – accepting feedback

How cool would it be to say to your phone “OK Google, give me tide times for Newquay” and get the tide times spoken out to you? I’m currently accepting feedback which will scope out my approach for a planned integration with services like Apple’s Siri, Google’s ‘OK Google’, Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Echo. I am aiming to have the service in testing with Amazon Echo by the summer.

Please take a minute to complete the form below. One lucky person will get a £25 M&S voucher, not bad for answering a handful of questions.

WordPress plugin – complete

The WordPress plugin has gone through the process of design, development, feedback and improvement. You can add tide times to your WordPress-powered website by installing the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory. Find out more.