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Thanks, moon!

We owe a lot to the moon. That great ball of rock that orbits our planet is crucial to life on earth. The moon's elliptical path around the planet and its gravitational pull combine to bring the dance of the sea lapping and receding our coastal regions.

It delicately balances Earth's wobble on its axis, without which there wouldn't be the atmosphere that makes life possible and protects us from space debris.

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Over 10 years of providing tide times

Tides Today is a personal project that combines a happy childhood spent at sea with a career in software development. The site serves over 5,000 daily users with tide times and weather, while the systems that power it also provide countless hobby projects and websites with tide and weather data from over 8,000 coastal locations.

2023 marked the 10th anniversary. Thank you for being part of my journey.

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