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Explained: The origin of Port and Starboard


We've all heard of Port and Starboard, but which side of a boat are they and where did the name originate?

Explained: Natural Whirlpools and where to find them


In this article, we'll discuss natural whirlpools, what they are and where we will find them.

Where are the world's largest tidal ranges?


In this article, we'll explore the world's largest tidal ranges, what they are, and what causes them to be the largest.

The story of Colwyn Bay's Victoria Pier and a town's fight to save it


Located on the north Wales coast, this is a story of a much loved, but neglected pier and the fight to save Victoria Pier by a group of dedicated locals after years of false starts and misfortune.

Everything you need to know about tides


Why do we have tides? How many tides are there a day? How are tide predictions calculated? All of these questions and more, answered. In this article, I'll many of the factors which influence the tides.

The all-new Tides Today has launched


After three years of rewriting the whole thing from the ground-up, the new Tides Today has launched. Here's a brief story of the process and a little on what's new.

Things you might not know about our Lifeboat service, the RNLI


The RNLI have some 237 lifeboat stations serving the UK and Ireland. Here are some other things you may not know about the RNLI.

Fun facts about the UK coast you probably didn’t know


As an Island nation, we owe our heritage and protection to our coastline. Here are some fun and interesting facts about the UK coast you probably don’t know

Lunar Eclipse – Longest blood moon this Century tonight


Tonight is the longest Blood Moon lunar eclipse this century. Find out what a blood moon is, when it occurs and how long it will last.

When will the spring and neap tides occur for UK and Ireland in 2018?


Find out when all the spring and neap tides will occur for the United Kingdom and Ireland in 2018. Includes moon phases 2018 for UK and Ireland

MV Balmoral cruise review


Leaving from Llandudno Pier, our cruise on MV Balmoral took us across the North Wales coast with dramatic mountainous backdrops and historic castles and piers.

Explained: What is a neap tide and what is a spring tide?


You will have heard of the expression ‘spring tide’ or ‘neap tide’, but do you know what it is or what causes it? Here’s an explanation.

Video: What’s it like to be in rough seas? MV Mair in rough seas


Ever wanted to see what it’s like to be on rough seas? This video of Trinity House MV Mair gives you an insight into what the professionals have to work in

Five places to camp by the sea this summer


Summer is almost here. There’s never a better time than now to start planning your coastal camping trip.

Maintaining MV Mair, the Trinity House support vessel


I speak to senior crew member Andrew Wright about MV Mair and the maintenance programme required to keep the vessel seaworthy.

Tide Times WordPress plugin now available


Find out how you can add tide times to your website.

8 funny place names along the UK coastline


From Brokenwind to Loose Bottom, Brown Willy to Spunkie, the UK's coastline offers some of the funniest place names you're likely to find. How many have you visited?